“Heh Heh, Nobody Can See Me Here”

Earlier this week I spotted our good buddy Mr. A lurking behind some weeds after crawling up onto the edge of the marsh pond. He was ducked down low and trying his sneaky best to look inconspicuous. It almost worked too until he decided to take a little walk out into the open which immediately blew his cover.

He may not totally realize it, but he is kind of hard to miss once he chooses to take one of his pleasant early evening strolls around the area.

Mr A Walks Out of the Pond

Mr A Walks Out of the Pond

Mr A Walks Out of the Pond

30 thoughts on ““Heh Heh, Nobody Can See Me Here”

  1. Eeeik! Well…a lovely ik that is! How can you not love that face? How busy is this road, Phil? I gather they feel the vibration in order to know when to cross safely? Your stories always make us chuckle!

    • He is such a good boy and very well mannered too. At some point he makes the decision and just walks right out into any traffic that may come by. I try to make sure he is safe.

  2. He looks like a happy guy in this photo. I got the biggest laugh out of his “no one can see me” initial pose…… riiiiiiight! 🙂 Beautiful animal.

    • Although… one time last summer I just missed stepping on Mr. A’s nose as he was peaking out like that. I don’t think that would have gone well for anybody. Thanks for checking these out Sylvia!

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