Thunder Storms Moving Through

Earlier this evening we had some thunder storms move along the coast and across the marsh area.

The first one is looking north across the salt marsh, and the second shot was taken with a fisheye lens and is looking south across the marsh pond.

And just in case anyone is thinking that I didn’t shoot any wildlife today… there is an egret in the marsh in the first photo, and those two dark dots in the lower left of the second photo are alligator heads.  🙂

Storm Clouds at the Marsh

Storm Clouds at the Marsh

15 thoughts on “Thunder Storms Moving Through

  1. Phil, your pictures are all enthralling, contemplative and pleasing – be it wildlife and or nature. And your stories make us feel like we’re right there with you. Thank you for sharing your remarkable gift with us!

  2. Great spooky shots! I have to say it’s nice to see some of your work other than birds. Love it!

  3. Beautiful shots, I see the Egret from afar in the first shot, that is a big marsh, and all the time I thought it was a little stream or a small marsh…great shots.

  4. Love a good thunderstorm at the beach! Mother Nature reminding us humans who is really in charge. Awesome photos!

  5. Really got that thunderstorm feeling from these! Love those shades of gunmetal and gray. I like seeing the egret in the distance, and those lurking two black heads!

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