Graceful Exit

Egrets can be funny. Sometimes several can get along just fine in a group, other times one will fly clear across the marsh just to chase off another. In this case we have a pair that started out being friendly enough, but that good will was not to last. One decided the other had to go, and go immediately.

But it was the way the chase and the retreat turned out that intrigued me. It seems they were both determined to look good during the altercation, as if it was a routine that had been planned in advance and fully choreographed.

Like I said…funny birds.

Egrets Dance Away

Egrets Dance Away

Egrets Dance Away

Egrets Dance Away

36 thoughts on “Graceful Exit

  1. Guess they didn’t get the memo Re: auditions for the Traveling Show closed. I would get their names and contact numbers – just in case a backup act is required. Or to give them a “heads up” for next year. Love your photos😀

  2. A beautiful set. Thought of your wonderful wildlife photography yesterday when we were exploring Lake Palic, Serbia. I was trying to capture a graceful egret, alas, she was rather shy and kept dancing off. 🙂

    • They are indeed comical Sylvia, but I try not to laugh when they are around. Same method I use with the alligators.
      Don’t ever want the wildlife mad at me. 🙂

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