This Stump Ain’t Big Enough For The Three Of Us…

Two snowy egrets were sitting quietly on a stump out in the marsh when a third suddenly came flying in to join the group. Apparently the stump can only accommodate two at a time because the guy in the upper spot got all fired up and bent out of shape at the new arrival. But since the ruckus made the bird in the lower level immediately leave, all was back to being right with the world!

Three Egrets on a Stump

Three Egrets on a Stump

26 thoughts on “This Stump Ain’t Big Enough For The Three Of Us…

  1. He looks like he was squawking away, too. Love that ruffled “get outta here” look! Three’s a crowd here!

    • I thought it was funny how the bird at the top raised such a fuss when the third guy arrived but then calmed down so quickly when the stump population went back down to two. Thanks a bunch for looking!

    • I understand there is an international science conference taking place in Zurich right now to attempt to answer that exact question. However, I suspect the birds will continue to raise a fuss about group numbers in whatever way they feel is appropriate.

  2. These birds are such fun, I never knew they had such personalities, I like the first pictures hairstyle, he has a mohawk~~~…Love how your capture these beautiful creatures.

    • Thanks very much Linda, many birds, and especially snowys, can be quite animated and fun to watch and photograph. I’m very happy you enjoy seeing the photos of them!

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