Pelican Fly And Pose

This young brown pelican took off from the salt marsh and made a short flight hop to the edge where he briefly stopped and posed for a  portrait.

Nice looking youngster with a very impressive nose! Uh, I mean bill!  🙂

Pelican Fly and Pose

Pelican Fly and Pose

Pelican Fly and Pose

Pelican Fly and Pose

48 thoughts on “Pelican Fly And Pose

  1. Che cosa devo dirti che non ti ho ancora detto?? Sono talmente belle le tue foto che rischio di diventare ripetitiva, ma sono veramente fantastiche, eccezionali, superbe. Complimenti!!!
    Ciao, Pat

  2. All nice shots, but the last up close and personal is brimming with personality, Phil. I want to reach in and give it a nice gentle scratching between the eyes….just like I do for my dog. 🙂

    • We normally see them just out over the ocean often flying in groups. The are quite nice flyers despite their unusual appearance. When fishing however they hit the water head first like someone just tossed it out of a moving vehicle. Not very graceful.

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