Dinner To Go

This anhinga caught himself a nice size fish and decided to take it to go. Well almost…

Anhingas fish by swimming under water and spearing a fish on the end of their sharp bill. Then normally they flip the fish up off their bill and eat it right there in the water while swimming along. It’s possible for the bird to flip a fish and lose it back into the water. This guy must have decided he didn’t want to take any chances with the evening’s main course so he took it out of the water, climbed up onto the grassy bank at the edge of the marsh, and finished his entrée on land.

The anhinga didn’t end up going too far with his takeaway meal, but it was more of an order to go then usual!

Anhinga With Fish in Grass

Anhinga With Fish in Grass

Anhinga With Fish in Grass

Anhinga With Fish in Grass

38 thoughts on “Dinner To Go

    • Well this bird would not have any problems when asked to…open wide! Thanks glad you liked these, the anhinga is one of my all time favorite bird actions to capture.

    • He did super size his fish dinner. I bet he was happy too, because mostly all I have been seeing them catch are the tiny popcorn sized fish even though I see big ones jumping out there.

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