White On Blue

A great egret makes a late afternoon flight just above the water in the salt marsh. This bird had a serious look on his face as if he had an important meeting on the other side of the marsh. Perhaps his mate was waiting for him…or maybe he just needed to chase some other bird away from his fishing area!

Egret Flight

24 thoughts on “White On Blue

  1. I like this bird and wish they were animated like all the birds in your marsh. Up here, with less completion, they do a lot of standing around. This is a beautiful capture and like you mentioned, the expression really makes your shot extra wonderful.

  2. Let’s see: determination, urgency, focus. His elegance and form are likewise riveting! Thanks for all these beautiful bird pics, Phil, including the pristine pelican yesterday! Meanwhile what have been the musings of your eagles and ospreys lately?

    • Great to hear you liked this egret flight shot Edna!
      Our local eagles seem to have decided to mostly only be around in fall and winter and the ospreys can be seen every day fishing out over the ocean, but I rarely bring my camera to the beach. 🙂

  3. Really enjoyed the detail in his plummage – showing up even though he’s all white. Great against that background. Looks like he was sure hurrying somewhere!

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