Anhinga Fly And Fish

This anhinga flew into the marsh this morning and spent a little time flipping up a few tasty fish. After lunch was over, she quickly took off in search of the perfect tree for an afternoon nap.

Anhinga Fly and Fish

Anhinga Fly and Fish

Anhinga Fly and Fish

21 thoughts on “Anhinga Fly And Fish

  1. Aren’t the aerodynamics of them in flight amazing? Just perfection and your first shot shows it so clearly. And such pretty colours too. If I had an airline I would name it Royal Anhinga and steal their colours!

    • Besides being agile and fast flyers, they are extremely fast swimmers under water. They can streamline their bodies and zorch along like they were just fired from a spear gun.
      Did you know the anhinga is one of the only birds (if not the only) who’s scientific name is the same as their common name? Anhinga, anhinga

  2. She’s lovely. I enjoy the Anhinga’s a lot. That mid-air photo of her snack about to go down – amazing shot!

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