Small Fish For Big Bird

This afternoon we watched a couple of wood storks feeding in the salt marsh during low tide. A fish this size might not look like much for a large stork, but if Woody eats enough of them he will be full and happy!

Small Snack For Woody

40 thoughts on “Small Fish For Big Bird

    • Well he was knocking those little fish back like they were popcorn. I suspect he figured that if all he was going to get for the day was a snack, he better try to eat a bunch!

    • He spent a couple hours with his friend eating tons of fish that size and a little bigger. I bet they were nice and full by the time they were done.
      Thanks much for looking Andrew!

  1. This is one of the best portraits of a wood stork I’ve seen. They aren’t handsome birds (by human standards), but very watchable. Thanks!

    • Thanks for checking this out! So far just the intermittent wood storks but no pink friends yet. Could be any day now or could be a couple weeks off since everything seems late this year.

    • They really do have a prehistoric look to them and I suppose that’s one thing I like about them. They also have one of the fastest, if not *the* fastest, jaw bite reaction time of all vertebrates.

  2. Now that is definitely the crumbs at the bottom of the snack bag! Love these wood storks. I think they are pretty in their own way.

    • I am continually surprised that for being very large birds they will go after tiny food. I have seen them grab and eat huge fish but if they eat a ton of these small ones, they get ice and full. 🙂

    • At the rate he was knocking back fish after fish it probably doesn’t register that he has eaten until his wood stork brain gets the message that the belly is full now. 🙂

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