Mister Casual

Earlier this week I saw this young alligator peeking his little head up at the edge of the salt marsh. He was quite cool, calm, and collected for a youngster. After looking around for a few minutes he just casually stepped out onto the path and took a nice slow afternoon stroll.

Mister Casual

Mister Casual

34 thoughts on “Mister Casual

  1. What a sweet little guy. I love his young ‘un legs and smile. That first photo … th expression on his face! 🙂

  2. Per chance, is he one of the earlier babies of that colossal mom you’ve posted some time ago (with the little ones all over her)? Here’s to you young alligator! May you live a very long and adventurous life. 😀 …Say, should we start a naming venture for all your ‘loves’ in the marsh?

    • I don’t think it’s one of those babies, this ‘baby’ is already over 4 feet long and a few years old. Those guys would be smaller still.
      We call all alligators under five feet, “babies”. 🙂
      I’ll have to give some thought to a name. We don’t have many of the birds and gators named right now. There was a GBH we called Hank, which was not terribly original I know. Hank the heron. Go figure. 🙂

  3. Radar! Of course. Can’t wait for the pics! …Your marsh friends have become ours as well! So here I am trying to check up on each one of them. Hank the Heron (?) …yiykes.

    • Well it’s great to hear you enjoy following the exploits of our various marsh inhabitants! Radar used to hang around with Hank T Heron for a while. They would (reluctantly) share a fishing spot. Funny guys! 🙂

    • I’m sure he does think he is a happening dude, but some of the big boys may not think much of that attitude.
      But this one does look like he is well on his way to one day being head gator in charge.
      Time will tell. 🙂 Glad you like the alligator photos!

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