One of my all time favorite bird patterns is the little blue heron “tweener” phase. This is the in between time when the bird is transitioning from an all white juvenile, to an all blue adult. I particularly admire the checkerboard patchwork of blue and white that the heron is displaying during what may possibly be considered an adolescent period.

So yesterday I was quite pleased to see this tweener come flying in across the salt marsh. I hoped that an adult might also fly into view in the same area so that I could show the difference and sure enough…within a short amount of time an adult little blue also flew in across the marsh. 

Little Blue Heron Flights

Little Blue Heron Flights

Little Blue Heron Flights

Little Blue Heron Flights


21 thoughts on “‘Tweener’

    • We have been very happy that several little blues started to arrive in out area just this week. Everything has been late so far this season. We are expecting the spoonbills any day now but they could also be late so who knows?

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