The Race Is On!

An alligator and a black skimmer are neck and neck in a race across the marsh pond.

I think we all know the skimmer would easily win this contest, but sometimes it may be best to just let the alligator win one anyway.

The Race Is On

22 thoughts on “The Race Is On!

  1. Beautiful shot!!! its amazing how they know how to not make waves, and just keep going with out interfering with each others territory…remarkable shot!

  2. It looks close! But Mr. A is second I think. Of course, he was just loafing this time! 🙂 Skimmer is really pretty, as is Mr. A.

    • I really appreciate your kind comments, thanks a bunch! One of my (sort of) signature style wildlife photos is what I refer to as gator/bird proximity shots. I look for such opportunities and try to picture scenes of them ‘together’.

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