There’s Always Room For More Radar!

Since everyone seems to enjoy seeing our favorite electronically enhanced great egret “Radar”, I thought it might be nice to post a few more shots of our good friend.

These were taken later the same day as the photos I posted yesterday of Radar.

After a productive afternoon fishing, a guy likes to spiff himself up and get the feathers all looking their best! So Radar moved over to the other side of the reeds for a nice preening session. He started working under his wings and then as the sun got lower, he made his way to the outside portion making sure each feather was nicely groomed.

Such a handsome boy!

Radar Preening in the Marsh

Radar Preening in the Marsh

Radar Preening in the Marsh

Radar Preening in the Marsh

Radar Preening in the Marsh

Radar Preening in the Marsh

29 thoughts on “There’s Always Room For More Radar!

    • Yes he does have some sort of a bare spot there that shows up black. I don’t know if it’s a feather disorder, or possibly an injury from fighting with some other bird (likely a GBH) or just something he has been picking at. I will be keeping an eye on him, I see him almost every day.

    • He might have a date as he was in breeding plumage earlier this Spring and could have a big night planned. Of course it’s also possible that he has a family sitting on a nest somewhere that he should be paying attention to and instead he is acting like the head playboy of the marsh. 🙂

    • Well he was not directly affected by the oil spill, he is part of the control group to keep track of longevity, and so far he seems to be living a nice long, healthy life.

  1. He is indeed very handsome. Look at how he has even the finest feathers groomed and flitting in that last shot. What a GREAT expression he has! Must say , he looks very self-satisfied with his grooming results. 😉 Love him!

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