Handsome Heron

I grabbed this quick portrait shot of a great blue heron posing at the edge of the marsh yesterday evening just as we were leaving for the night…I thought he looked rather dignified.

GBH Portrait

15 thoughts on “Handsome Heron

    • On these birds you can’t really tell male from female by looks and I think they are approx. the same size as adults.
      When I post photos and write captions I usually just tend to let the masculine pronoun take precedence and refer to most birds and alligators as a ‘he’. 🙂

  1. Such a favourite! We have had two grey herons flying over us from pond to pond lately. Not only do they look prehistoric when they fly, that deep, gutteral croaking sounds prehistoric as well! Do the blues and tris make that same deep, strange sound, Phil? It really echoes across the fields and woods!

    • Oh the great blue herons here can not keep their beaks shut! They constantly must loudly announce their coming and going and we can often hear one before we see one. 🙂

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