Hacking Up A “Hairball”

Or in this case…hacking up a crab. 🙂

Earlier this weekend I was watching a white ibis fishing in the salt marsh during low tide. At one point the ibis bent down, opened his mouth up wide, and at first I didn’t know what he was doing. When I saw something pop out into his mouth, I quickly realized he had just hacked up a small crab that must have been stuck in his throat.

The ibis then dipped the crab into the water apparently to get it lubricated for smooth trip back down the hatch where it stayed down nicely this time!

Ibis Hacks Up A Crab

Ibis Hacks Up A Crab

Ibis Hacks Up A Crab

Ibis Hacks Up A Crab

Ibis Hacks Up A Crab

13 thoughts on “Hacking Up A “Hairball”

  1. I guess he choked on it a bit the first time. I know you were at the ready for a Heimlich! Glad he got it out, then back down the hatch! 🙂

    • A Heimlich! Great idea! I had not thought about that. I wonder if he would have welcomed the rescue? I could just imagine grabbing him and pushing in on his stomach to get the crab to come busting out! Too funny!

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