This past weekend we had a pair of black skimmers show up and start working the marsh pond.

They are amazing birds to watch and wherever you see bubbles in the water, that’s fish jumping in a panic to get away from the approaching skimmer!

Black Skimmers

Black Skimmers

Black Skimmers

Black Skimmers

Black Skimmers

19 thoughts on “Skimmers!

    • I guess it’s fun until one of them runs into a submerged log or gator. I’m surprised they don’t have a wreck every time they go out.
      They are not quite as fast as the terns but a lot faster then any herons or egrets. They go pretty good.

  1. I wasn’t on here for a while dear Phil, I visited all your posts now, they are amazing and so beautiful… you always find amazing compositions with them 🙂 Thank you, love, nia

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