Morning Fog Patrol

This morning it was grey, overcast, and foggy over at the marsh. Along with the usual assortment of egrets, herons, and wood storks, we also had this osprey circling above the water as it hunted for breakfast.

Ospreys are generally quite skilled at fishing but I never did see this one grab a fresh meal. The last I saw of him he was heading off toward the beach to try his luck in the ocean…

Morning Osprey Flights

Morning Osprey Flights

Morning Osprey Flights

19 thoughts on “Morning Fog Patrol

    • That’s very likely the case. Although most of our eagles have moved on to a cooler climate and will return in the fall.
      But, it’s always best to play it safe especially after putting in some tough hours catching lunch.

    • He will most likely have better luck fishing just off the beach where I often see them. Of course when we are on the beach with no camera that’s the time they fly right over my head with a huge fish just plucked from the ocean.
      Glad you liked seeing our osprey Sylvia!

    • Oh I’m sure he found something out over the ocean. The question is whether he will bring it over to his mate to share or keep it for himself.
      The “penguin” thing comes from an old joke we have around the marsh where a photographer friend of ours was telling his wife about photographing the pelicans, except the entire time he was calling them penguins.
      So now we often refer to the pelicans as penguins. We get some odd looks out there occasionally but we have fun. 🙂

        • One other thing that happened is we were texting someone to let them know some wood storks were out in the marsh. But auto correct had changed wood storks to wood chucks. So ever since then we might say something like… “we have some wood chucks flying in.” Again, it can get some funny looks. 🙂

          • Oh don’t I know about that nasty spell check! It seems particularly bad with texting and the predictive feature! Ha ha, so funny! 🙂

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