Not So Stealthy This Time

Alligators can often be quite sneaky. They can lurk underwater and surface just at the right (or wrong…depending on perspective) time.

So earlier this week I noticed this big guy trying to act all casual at the edge of the marsh pond. I almost didn’t see him because he was trying to use the tall grass to conceal himself from view as he maneuvered his nose in position right in front of where I was standing.

But I knew what he was up to. Our gator friend was attempting to trap some fish up against the edge of the water where they would be easy pickings. Once he caught one he got all excited and the stealthiness went right out the window. When a big alligator gets himself all excited and starts splashing around in the water, scooping up weeds along with fish, they are fairly tough to miss.

Alligator Feeding at the Edge of the Marsh

Alligator Feeding at the Edge of the Marsh

Alligator Feeding at the Edge of the Marsh


7 thoughts on “Not So Stealthy This Time

  1. He’s got more teeth than my Podenco, and I’ve got a mauled finger that bears witness to that. Don’t think I would be playing ball or toys with Mr Gator in a hurry. Not one of his cuter more adorable poses.

    • You have to stop giving me ideas. 🙂 Now, all I can think about is bringing over some toys to play with Mr. Gator.
      Maybe I can teach him to fetch a ball, that would be a great trick!
      I have a feeling he would quickly lose interest however and then be in a bad mood and that would not be good for anybody.

    • I forgot to include one where he came up with a stick. Ah… maybe next time.
      Thanks for looking and joining our pal during dinner! He would be a good guest at any dinner table, except he doesn’t use a table.

  2. Oh yum! Salad with the fish! I love him. Those are some great close ups. He’s definitely a happy boy.

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