Fishing Only Looks Like Fun

This anhinga fishing in the marsh pond yesterday afternoon might look like he’s having a fun time but fishing is serious business.

The fact that anhingas will flip a fish off their sharp bill and catch it head first in mid air is just an added bonus that makes dinner prep a bit more entertaining!  🙂

Anhinga Flipping Fish in the Marsh Pond

Anhinga Flipping Fish in the Marsh Pond

24 thoughts on “Fishing Only Looks Like Fun

  1. Such great action photographs! They are really something, the way they flip their meals so that they go down smoothly!

    • Oooo I had not thought about the view the fish must have. Yikes! Scary to think about. But so it goes in nature I suppose. That fish probably ate some smaller fish earlier in the day.
      Thanks for checking these out.

  2. Well, those are totally awesome images. You are very good! Take a lot of practice to shoot those shots and also in focus. Well done.

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