Little Greenie In Action

Yesterday evening we were watching this green heron fishing in the salt marsh during low tide. Green herons are compact, active, and very intelligent birds that are also quite skilled at hunting down a meal.

After stalking a fish near an oyster clump, the excited heron quickly rushes out of the water with it’s catch. The idea of bringing the fish onto land is that if the little greenie were to drop his fish (and they often do drop them) the fish will not be able to swim away, and it can still be picked back up and swallowed down.

I saw this green heron catch four or five fish like this a short amount of time while several egrets, blue herons, ibis, and wood storks in the same area were still going for their first!

Green Heron Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Green Heron Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Green Heron Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Green Heron Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Green Heron Fishing in the Salt Marsh

28 thoughts on “Little Greenie In Action

  1. Smartest of them all – obviously! It’s amazing that you were able to capture Green Herons at all Phil. Aren’t they so elusive to catch? Well, for one, I can never get a good shot of ours here in our marsh (those buggers). #2 Pic is especially riveting :D! Bravo!!!

    • Green herons are often stalking the edge of the water hidden behind tall weeds or grass but when I see one in the open like this little guy I try to keep my eye on him.
      Glad you liked these pics!

  2. That fish shadow does look cool!! Often times, shadows are a fun part of the image. Adds those little details that tickle your consciousness the more you look into an image. Always love your shots of birds working hard for a meal.

  3. The little fish shadow…an added bonus. Did you notice that shadow while you were taking the photo? I usually don’t notice little things like that until afterwards, when I see the photo on the larger computer monitor. I am always thrilled by the extra surprise!

    • I actually did notice the fish shadow while taking these photos because I was aware of that oyster clump behind the bird. At first I did not like it being there thinking it would ruin the background, but once I noticed the shadow I went with it.

    • They do usually gulp the fish down fast but this fish was just a bit too big to gulp quickly and that’s why he took it out of the water. He did actually drop this fish too and those are shots for another day. 🙂

  4. Great sequence! You’ve captured quite a silhouette of Mr. Greenie’s little snack. The outline is quite sharp, amazing. I really like the size of the green heron. 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked seeing these photos of this cool little heron in action. They are fun birds and very smart too. They are one of the only birds that will use bait to fish.

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