Spoonbill Arrives! Finally…

After being disappointed all of last month making it the first July in five years that we had no spoonbills in the marsh, one finally showed up today! It was just the one, but we were thrilled to see our pink visitor back again to start off August, plus we have hopes that some of his friends may also arrive at any time.

When we first spotted the spoonie, he was in the back far edge of the pond hanging around with some tricolor herons, a snowy egret, and an alligator. He soon left and flew all the way across the marsh landing in a pine tree where he had a noon day nap.

After leaving the tree he went back down into the marsh where he posed for a few pictures, then took off again to join some wood storks that had gathered back in a far corner.

We may try going back this evening for low tide in the salt marsh to see if he goes there to feed. Otherwise, we hope he stays the night and that we can find him again tomorrow, hopefully with some pink friends!

Spoonbill Arrives in Marsh

Spoonbill Arrives in Marsh

Spoonbill Arrives in Marsh

Spoonbill Arrives in Marsh

Spoonbill Arrives in Marsh

Spoonbill Arrives in Marsh

26 thoughts on “Spoonbill Arrives! Finally…

    • It is good to finally have this guy show up. Can’t say 100% for a fact, but we strongly suspect this is the infamous Mr. Cranky from last summer. Trying to find some marks to identify him.

  1. So, so happy to see he is back. More to come hopefully. This guy is both beautiful, yet goofy. Just love the Spoonies! Lovely shots of the light through his wings. That 5th photo just about tells the Spoony story – that special attitude!

    • It’s shots like that fifth one that I can’t stop taking every time I see one of these big pink goofballs. Even though I already have many such shots, when I see that face and that look I just have to click away! 🙂

  2. Phil, I am absolutely thrilled for you that a spoonbill has once again returned to your marsh. I have been holding my breath for some time now, wondering if and when they would return. Very glad to see your wonderful photos of the pink, fluffy one once more!

  3. At some point the end of June I drove over the marsh & saw a pink bird. I didn’t recognize it & knew it wasn’t a
    flamingo! In a few days there was an article in the Sun News about the spoonbill coming to our area!! It is a
    lovely, unusual color.

    • It is funny though how the last two times the Sun News ran a story about the spoonbills they had already left by then. So people would see the story, come over to see the spoonies but they are gone.
      When they are here they sure attract a crowd and will literally stop traffic on the causeway. Well, along with the alligators. 🙂

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