Pink Brightens Up A Dark Morning

Very early this morning it was gloomy with a light rain falling, but that didn’t stop our new pink arrival from making an appearance in the marsh.

In fact, he seemed to be enjoying himself! He pranced and preened for a while until finally taking off to go find a nice breakfast far out in the salt marsh.

It’s supposed to be a cloudy, rainy weekend but hopefully the spoonie will stick around until the weather improves.

Spoonbill Early Morning

Spoonbill Early Morning

Spoonbill Early Morning

Spoonbill Early Morning

Spoonbill Early Morning

Spoonbill Early Morning

36 thoughts on “Pink Brightens Up A Dark Morning

    • Thank you Sylvia. We were sad when for the first time in five years not a single one showed up in all of July, but nice this one is working to make August special for us. We are also strongly suspecting this is our dysfunctional spoonbill “Mr. Cranky” from last summer.

  1. Wow. Phil, your photos are amazing. I am so glad I found your blog as I am a beginning photographer and a beginning birder. I live in Florida surrounded by many of the same birds as you so this is especially nice. You can bet I will be pouring over your archived photos for the beauty and the learning.

    • I greatly appreciate your very kind words and am happy to hear you enjoy seeing the photos!
      Being in Florida should provide you with excellent opportunities to view and photograph the tremendous wildlife! Enjoy!

  2. He’s beautiful, your lucky to have such great and beautiful nature where you are…what a great way to start a Sunday morning…

  3. Beautiful photos! I love each, but the third one especially, as I like his “dance step”. What a goofy, yet pretty, guy. That’s our boy!

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