Odd Place To Perch

This past Saturday evening I arrived at the salt marsh to find our spoonie friend perched atop something sticking up out of the mud.

At first I thought he was just standing on an old skinny bit of stump, of which there are many out there. But…turned out he was standing on the antler of a deer skeleton!

The large buck died last Spring and it’s skeletal remains are partially visible still, but only at low tide.

Spoonbill on Deer Skeleton

29 thoughts on “Odd Place To Perch

  1. I immediately thought it was a tree stump with a limb extending too.
    Once I read what you wrote, I took a second look. It most certainly is a skeleton with antler.
    Whatever the case, I am glad the “spoonie” decided to stand in this somewhat eerie place…..it’s a beautiful, clear photo!

    • I had forgotten that deer was even still out there until I took a closer look at what the goofy bird was standing on.
      Soon after it died back in March several vultures descended on it to do what they do. I have photos of that scene but never posted them anywhere.

  2. It’s surprising that the gators left the deer carcass in a big enough piece to find the head with a lot of the rest of the skeleton.

  3. Hi Phil,

    I have to give it to you Phil you know how to be at the right place at the right time!! GREAT shot! Keep up the good work. Don’t ever let anyone tell you , you are lucky.

    Sharon & Phil Turner Myrtle Beach SC

  4. Thought that was a gator too, atleast it was just the antlers and nothing else….Its amazing how the beauty of the bird takes away from that part of the picture…

  5. Glad to know at least one spoonbill has returned to HB. You’ve gotten some great shots of this one lately, showing a lot of the bird’s personality.I remember that buck in the marsh, and the vultures that kept hanging around it.

    • The spoonie came in Friday morning but sadly was gone by Sunday morning. At least I did get some decent opportunities with it while it was here.
      That buck was dead out there back in March, that’s when the vultures found it. I have photos of that scene but never did anything with them.
      Thanks for looking Lee!

  6. That’s a big pink guy meeting the Wild West. Though it’s a deer and not cow. Really interesting photo. What a place to sit. Quite the contrast in several ways. When I was reading the text before the photo, I thought for sure you were going to say he sat on top of Mr. A! This is a great shot. He’s beautiful, too, and also goofy.

    • It took me a few seconds to realize what he was standing on. I know that deer skeleton is out there but I don’t pay any attention to it normally. But leave it to a big goofy pink bird to find himself the odd spot to rest!
      I have seen them come close to standing on Mr. A but still waiting so far to grab a shot of that!

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