“OK, Everybody Clear Out!”

Earlier this weekend an alligator seems distressed to show up at his favorite morning nap spot to find it already occupied by a large group of egrets.

Since the birds were not inclined to vacate the premises, the gator had no choice but to lumber over and claim his spot anyway despite the noisy crowd.

Alligator and Egret Friends

Alligator and Egret Friends



29 thoughts on ““OK, Everybody Clear Out!”

    • You would thing that big ole Mr. A would command more respect from the egrets but they do not seem at all impressed. Maybe he needs to start showing them who’s boss out there. 🙂

  1. Great capture – I like how the light is hitting the gator and birds. Those egrets are sort of like cats when they fall off the bed, they are being all nonchalant but I think inside they are a bit angry.

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