Fun In The Water

Everyone likes to play in the water in the summer. And yesterday we had a cormorant splashing around, and an alligator also swirling about chasing after fish.

Just a couple of guys out beating the heat during these hot August days!

Cormorant Bathing

Alligator in Swirlling Water

12 thoughts on “Fun In The Water

  1. Cute picture of the comorant, and cant believe how close up you get to the alligators, I almost feel like I’m in the water with them….makes me want to go for a swim, miss the ocean, had enough of mountains…lol…

    • It’s been hot here so a nice cooling swim sounds great! I usually trying to find a spot that’s not already occupied by our gator friends. In the same place I took this photo, we had five of them in there two nights ago.

  2. The cormorant really takes you aback at his head and neck being under like that. Beautiful moving shot of Mr. A! Love that effect! Again, can’t believe how close you get.

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