Spoonbill News Update

Well our injured pink friend is still around the area and he seems to be recovering fairly well with his wounds.

He is behaving as normal, hanging out and feeding with his friends including a tricolored heron and a cormorant. Also relaxing in a tree with an egret, and he appears to be flying just fine.

We were glad he stayed around so we could keep an eye on him and continue to hope the injuries heal. And maybe if we are all lucky, some spoonbill friends will arrive so he has company!

Spoonbill News Update

Spoonbill News Update

Spoonbill News Update

Spoonbill News Update

23 thoughts on “Spoonbill News Update

  1. I love the last shot as the bird is although ungainly (to me) on the ground is superbly graceful in the air – and you have caught it perfectly against the foliage offering real contrast – excellent Phil (I am off for a catch up) my favourite part of blogging – I trust your well

  2. Such great news. He’s a big, pink, goofy guy and I’m so glad he continues to heal. He does look like he’s business as usual!

    • We saw him yesterday and he does seem to be doing fine. All his regular routines appear to be in place which is good to see.
      He also had two friends show up yesterday so now there are three bouncing around the marsh area!

  3. Reblogged this on Babsje Heron and commented:
    Last year, I wrote about an injured Great Blue Heron surviving and thriving after a partial amputation to its wing in “Wherein He Gets the Girl” (http://babsjeheron.wordpress.com/2013/06/05/wherein-he-gets-the-girl/).

    This year, the wonderful photographer and blogger Phil Lanoue has been chronicling the recovery of an injured Spoonbill in a salt marsh there. Not only are Phil’s photos alway excellent, Phil really cares about his subjects.

    There are photographers who mainly care about “getting the shot,” without seeming to care much about the wildlife in their captures. Not Phil. That is something I really respect in a nature photographer.

    I rarely reblog, but am moved by Phil’s photos and words about the denizens of his salt marsh, and especially about one particular Spoonbill.

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