Evening Jump

Earlier this week a spoonbill jumps off from the salt marsh during low tide. This is one of our recent arrivals.

We now have a total of 15 spoonies in and around the marsh area which breaks the old record of 11 set back in 2009 and last year!

Spoonbill Jumps Off From Salt Marsh

15 thoughts on “Evening Jump

    • Thanks very much for checking this out and commenting, I appreciate it.
      This was shot in early evening with overcast lighting with a shutter speed of 800 and I needed 640 ISO to get me that.
      You can see wing blur at takeoff here but even faster shutter speeds can fail to stop all wing movement.
      In general I prefer to shoot at above 1000 for bird action.
      Good luck with your wildlife action photography!

  1. What a great action shot of this pink guy. I love the feet as he springs, and the perspective on his bill. 🙂 Really nice you guys have them back – and in a greater number!

    • Yeah I also liked that goofy spoon face looking at us as he took off!
      We are thrilled to have this many here now, I just need the tide, the weather, the time of day, and the spoonbills to all cooperate soon.

    • I do remember Rodan! Funny story, when I was a kid there was a factory of some type nearby in our neighborhood where every so often some very loud screeching sound would blast from it at random times. I remember asking one of the neighbor kids if he knew what that sound was and he told me some men had captured Rodan and had him tied up in that building. Sounded reasonable to me. 🙂
      Thanks for checking out this shot!

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