“Don’t Do It Woody!”

I got the feeling right away when I saw this wood stork carefully watching an alligator glide along in the salt marsh that the stork might have some wacky idea in mind.

I knew I was on to something when I saw Woody start to follow directly behind the gator. I have seen birds do this before, they will shadow an alligator hoping to scoop up panicked fish that get stirred up by the gator. But I did not really expect Woody to reach over and take a little bite out of the tip of the gator’s tail! Woody waited until the gator ducked his head under the water to grab some fish and then went for it.

Lucky for the wood stork the alligator ignored the indiscretion (this time) and just continued on about his business.

Woody Bites Alligator

Woody Bites Alligator

Woody Bites Alligator

43 thoughts on ““Don’t Do It Woody!”

    • I think the gator likely knew his tail was grabbed by something or someone, but then really didn’t care. Since they have no natural predators out there they can afford to have a ‘don’t worry about it’ attitude. 🙂

  1. That’s an awesome sight. Crazy bird! In Woody’s defense though, I’ve seen gator tail on the menu before and tried it, too. It’s actually pretty good. However, the sample I tried wasn’t near as fresh as what Woody had… thank goodness. ;o)
    Have a great week, Phil!

    • Thanks very much for checking these out and commenting Mick, I really appreciate it!
      I don’t think Woody was looking for a meal of alligator and lucky for him the gator was not interested in a meal of bird. At least not at that moment. 🙂
      See ya!

    • Woody better hope that was his alligator friend because a mistake could be bad news. There were actually two gators out there that evening so good he picked the friendly one! 🙂

    • I think that wood stork is not quite right in the head. Usually it’s the spoonbills that act a bit nutty.
      Hey Megan, sorry I have not been looking at your blog and been slack at responding to comments and stuff, my mom has been in the hospital and this weekend I signed the documents starting her on hospice. It’s been a rough ride lately. I have been trying to still get out to take wildlife photos and keep posting some as much as a therapy for me as anything. Talk to ya soon my friend and I know you always have my back.

    • Thank you for mentioning that Andrew I do indeed spend as much time studying their behavior as I do taking photos. Learning their behavior and characteristics helps me greatly in taking some of these type pictures.

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