Young Heron

Earlier this week I caught this juvenile night heron flying just above the salt marsh. The night herons have been coming out lately to feed on the small crabs that can often be found scurrying around the marsh during low tide.

Juvenile Night Heron Flight

25 thoughts on “Young Heron

  1. Phil
    As a fellow nature/wildlife photographer your work is exquisite. I follow your post every day. I don’t know if you would like to do this or not,but I would like to see the camera settings used for the shot. It might help upcoming photographers on how to use manual settings to get the great shot’s that you get. I know I would love to have the chance to join you sometime.
    Bob Miracle

    • Thanks a million for the kind words Bob and glad you liked this shot. I think I shot this at a shutter speed of 800 due to poor lighting. I generally like to shot at 1250 or faster for flying birds. I also shoot in Manual mode 98% of the time, and use as low an ISO as possible.

    • Thanks a bunch Jeff, glad you liked this night heron photo! In this case I took three or four shots and only liked this one. It all depends on how much of an opportunity I get. If a bird zips in real quick I might get off only a shot or two and hope one is good. I usually end up tossing a few in most cases.

  2. How can you tell that he is juvenile, is it cause of its size or there are some colour specifics related to the age? He looks majestic in this pose. Wonderful capture, Phil!

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