Security Provided By “Radar”

Yesterday evening in the salt marsh, in addition to a pair of spoonbills, our egret friend “Radar” was also on duty keeping his usual eye on things.

At one point Radar put the spoonies on high alert and he was clearly upset and concerned about something nearby. Once we saw Mister You Know Who pop his head up out of the water we realized what got Radar all frazzled. The spoonbills stayed behind Radar as the Head Egret In Charge stared and glared down the alligator.

With the comforting knowledge that Radar had the situation covered, the goofy pink birds were able to relax a bit and continue feeding on the glass shrimp which were jumping around all over.

Eventually the gator got the message that Radar was not in the mood to be trifled with and he simply moved on. A bit later the spoonbills watched as the alligator glided on by in a completely non threatening manner.

He made one pass by Woody who was also busy fishing and did not pay much attention as the dejected gator slowly drifted along on down the marsh.

Security Guard Radar

Security Guard Radar

Security Guard Radar

Security Guard Radar

Security Guard Radar

Security Guard Radar


18 thoughts on “Security Provided By “Radar”

  1. Way to go Radar!!! I’m sure anyone of us would feel so secure with you watching out for us. What a hoot, what a story! Stupendous shots too. Thanks Phil.

  2. I cant believe how close they all get to each other. Its like they are so used to each other, and sharing the marsh with each other is so great…..I love these pictures, that marsh is wonderful.

  3. What a great bodyguard. I love that photo of Radar being alert and standing between Mr. A and the goofy pink guys. Also, Woody didn’t seem too ffected. 🙂 Mr. A sticking his head up to check things out is really ominous looking. He’s pretty though, and I like him for who he is.

    • I’m so happy you enjoyed seeing Radar acting as marsh bird bodyguard!
      I’ll have to tell Mr. A that you said he looked pretty. he might like the compliment or… he might not. Hard to tell. He thinks of himself as a real bruiser. 🙂

  4. Wonderful storyline and gallery, Phil. The reflections are so awesome. Radar looks so tall in comparison to the Spoonbills. No wonder they tag along behind him for security. 🙂 I feel quite sorry for Mr A.

    • That Radar really stood up to Mr. A and the spoonies used his big body for protection as they ducked in behind the head egret. Poor Mr. A didn’t even find anything to eat as far as I could tell. Not a good night for him any way you look at it. 🙂

  5. The third shot with the perfect reflection plus croc is worthy of a post all on it’s own. In my humble opinion the best shots I have seen on your blog and that is not easy to determine- just wonderful….

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