Unusual Chase

Early this morning there were quite a few birds fishing in the marsh pond. I saw this egret catch a fish then was surprised to see him jump up and fly off with it because they usually just gulp fish down right on the spot.

I soon found out why the egret was flying when I realized he had been jumped by a wood stork that wanted the egret’s fish. Two things immediately struck me as odd about that. Wood storks are generally not this aggressive, and there seemed to be plenty of fish out there for everybody so why the huge fuss over this small fish?!

It got even more unusual when a second wood stork joined in and now the egret was being chased by two storks all over the pond area. The egret had a heck of a time holding on to his fish as the chase continued out over the salt marsh.

Eventually the wood storks gave up and the egret got to keep his fish but it sure seemed to be a lot of trouble and effort over one small fish!

Wood Storks Chasing Egret

Wood Storks Chasing Egret

Wood Storks Chasing Egret

30 thoughts on “Unusual Chase

    • The early morning light was especially good in the first picture but then they decided to mess with me by flying out over the salt marsh which really back lit them. I had to make adjustments on the fly, just like the egret! 🙂

    • Thanks very much Sylvia I’m glad you liked seeing the morning marsh action.
      Sorry I have not been around your blog or others, and have been slack with responding to comments, but my mom has been in the hospital and just yesterday I signed documents to start hospice for her.
      I’ve been trying to maintain a minimal presence here by posting photos because it has been therapeutic for us lately to go out and see our wildlife friends.

  1. Fabulous captures, Phil, that ,it’s have been so exciting to behold. And I’m glad you included the wider-angle shot that shows them in flight over the marsh grasses – its not often that you show us that perspective of your salt marsh, interesting to see more if it.

      • You’re welcome, and yes, please do! Although your usual offerings are always excellent, so don’t cut back on those in any way just it show off the broader marsh.

        • I like the idea very much and will keep it in mind during upcoming visits. Right now we have had some feeding frenzys going on with birds all over the place. That’s actually what was going on when I took these chase shots. So perhaps a wide shot of some of that might work.

  2. It looks like food is the number one marsh motivator! Not that I have to choose a favorite, but I can’t decide which shot *is* my fave. And Mr. Egret still had the little fish firmly grasped. This is amazing, and beautiful ( with the dark background, then the grass underneath) stuff. I think my fave may be the first in the series. I can’t believe Mr. Wood would go after that fish!

    • I was shocked that the woody’s chased the egret especially for a small fish. Normally the storks act like such behavior would not be worth the effort. Oh well, maybe fishing was not too good over in their section of the marsh, they were all lined up in one area. 🙂

  3. Wouldn’t it have been easier for the egret to have swallowed it at once and escape the chase 😀 This is a fun post, Phil. Thank you for the laughs 😀

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