Nothing To Worry About Here

This past week I was watching a spoonbill feeding in the salt marsh when it looked like he suddenly got the feeling he should turn around look behind him.

The spoonie saw the alligator creeping up but concluded it was nothing to get overly concerned about so he went right back to fishing as the young gator glided on by….

Spoonbill and Alligator in Salt Marsh

Spoonbill and Alligator in Salt Marsh

Spoonbill and Alligator in Salt Marsh

24 thoughts on “Nothing To Worry About Here

  1. Spoonie and Gator just going about their business, neither one bothering each other, sharing the Salt Marsh ignoring each other, I love it, great pictures of how animals get along with each other at times. Great Shots!!!

    • It is funny how sometimes a lot of different species can all get along great and other times two or three can’t tolerate each other. Glad you like seeing the various wildlife together! 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoy that aspect of my various posts because that is one of my favorite things to watch and photograph. I love seeing different species in close proximity and waiting to see how, if at all, they will react.
      I am frequently surprised which keeps me going back for more.

    • That’s one thing I always look for out there whenever I see potential predator and prey nearby. It’s funny how sometimes they can get along fine and the birds will often purposely follow around an alligator as it stirs up things the birds like to eat with it’s big tail.

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