Morning Snacks

This cormorant was having a fun time fishing in the salt marsh this morning. I say fun because there were so many fish jumping out there he probably didn’t even have to try very hard to catch one.

Egrets, spoonbills, and anhingas were having a good time out there this morning as well!

Cormorant Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Cormorant Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Cormorant Fishing in the Salt Marsh

16 thoughts on “Morning Snacks

  1. Beautiful shots, I feel hungry for fish!!! lol…They have the best meal and the healthiest, he looks happy, but not the fish!!!!….

  2. Great close ups … again. Amazing how you capture these. Detail on curved upper bill is very cool, as is the cormorant’s body just under the water surface. Nice snack! 🙂

    • These cormorants fish in almost the exact same way as the anhingas. But as you notice the cormorant has the hooked bill so they grab the fish while the anhinga spears the fish with it’s sharp pointed bill. They are both under water fishers and both need to dry off their feathers after.

  3. I love watching Cormorants fish – this a bird we have many of around our coast line – in fact I did get a great sequence once with a 200mm lens – due to the birds trust – these as always are fabulous

    • The cormorants for me are harder to photograph with a fish then the anhingas. The anhingas don’t seem to travel under the water as much distance as the cormorants who I never know where they might surface. Plus they gulp down the fish very quickly while the anhingas often toss them around for a bit.

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