Big Breakfast

Yesterday morning this anhinga nabbed herself a nice size fish for breakfast. She might be able to take the rest of the day off from fishing after this one!

Anhinga with Big Fish

Anhinga with Big Fish

Anhinga with Big Fish

40 thoughts on “Big Breakfast

  1. I see that the anhinga altered its normal habit of flipping the fish up in the air and swallowing it on the way down. When I saw the first image, I figured that there was no way that it would use the technique that you have captured so well in other postings. Your photos show the anhinga managed to swallow that big fish, but it’s still hard to believe that it is physiologically possible for it to do so. Wow!

    • You are right about that. These birds sure have long, skinny necks but along with being fast they must be quite strong as well. I wouldn’t want one mad at me and taking a stab with that sharp bill.

  2. So close up! That is one *big* catch for her. Must say she looks proud of herself in the first photo. By the last photo, she looks like she’s just concentrating on being able to eat her meal, as it is quite a mouthful. 🙂

  3. WOWZA! I can’t even..(gulp)…your photos and story of this great hunter of a bird is outstanding and vivid! I feel like I’m the one struggling to swallow that colossal fish. Give this bird a standing ovation!!! 😀

  4. Amazing captures here Phil! Wow it looks like the unfortunate fish is positioned for the final “slide” down her long/skinny neck? You can even see the silhouette a little! At that point does she manage to swallow the fish alive and digest it okay?’

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