Flying Cover

This evening an egret did a quick glide over and past a pair of spoonbills that were busy feeding in the salt marsh.

The spoonbills never even looked up as the egret flew by, the fishing was just too good to pay any attention to a big white bird.

Flying Cover

8 thoughts on “Flying Cover

    • Heh heh, it actually occurred to me when I looked closely at this shot that it almost does look like a photoshop job.
      But I have a strict policy of only presenting nature as it really happened, plus I don’t even know how to do that in Pshop. (probably just as well)
      I truly do appreciate your humour though and funny you wrote exactly what I was already thinking. 🙂
      As always thanks for looking and commenting Scott!

  1. That salt marsh has such wonderful birds and nature, the shots you get are incredible, is it all from the same salt marsh??? Beautiful work.

    • I was lucky to see and capture this scene because soon after the storm clouds really moved in making the whole area quite dark and then the rain came.
      Glad you like this scene from the marsh Maggie!

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