Spoonbills In The Afternoon

Here are a few spoonie shots from yesterday afternoon in the salt marsh.

In the last photo you can see a group of wood storks feeding in the background.

It was a busy day out there too. We had black skimmers, a couple of alligators, assorted egrets, ibis, and herons, and naturally Radar was there to oversee it all. I’ll have to post some shots of our head egret in charge soon, he is quite the character!

Spoonbills in the Salt Marsh Afternoon

Spoonbills in the Salt Marsh Afternoon

Spoonbills in the Salt Marsh Afternoon

Spoonbills in the Salt Marsh Afternoon

30 thoughts on “Spoonbills In The Afternoon

  1. The colors are so beautiful, where do they go in the winter??? Do they stay in the salt marsh or go further south???? Great shots Phil!!!!

    • In the past we have had some stay as long as late Nov. but you never know, this year has been kind of out of whack with previous years. They will likely fly to southern Florida or around the southern gulf area.
      Thanks, glad you liked the spoonie shots!

    • Thank you Maggie and yes we also hope they stay around for a while too. Last year we had two or three stay until the second week of Nov. but not sure this year, everything was off schedule.

    • Thank you very much and we often hear people refer to them as flamingos the first time they see them. There are not a lot of pink birds so I can certainly understand. I am happy to see you visit here from Germany! 🙂

  2. The goofy pink birds are always welcome. Love seeing them. Really can’t get over their feet – so funny. Enjoyed all the photos, and the last one with muted wood storks in the background.

    • There is just something about these pink birds that keeps me going back for more time with them. I always take tons of shots I know will likely never see the light of day but can’t help myself. Today it is raining and I won’t go over to see if they are around so I sit here and wonder what they are up to.

  3. Phil, I have just recently gotten on the mailing list and have enjoyed the daily images very much. I am only at the beach on weekends and am envious of all your great shots. Love seeing the spoonies doing something besides eating.

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