Black Skimmers At Work

Earlier this week we had some skimmers show up and make a few passes through the marsh.

These very fast flying birds are always fun and exciting to watch! I am amazed they don’t have a lot more wrecks zipping along at high speed with oyster beds just below the surface of the water, but they are experts using their skim technique for fishing.

Black Skimmers Working the Salt Marsh

Black Skimmers Working the Salt Marsh

Black Skimmers Working the Salt Marsh

Black Skimmers Working the Salt Marsh


22 thoughts on “Black Skimmers At Work

  1. These guys are like the hummingbirds of fisherman — his form is so built for speed. The eyes are very soft, given the focus on fishing! Red is such a great accent! (Really liked the wake.)

  2. Hi Phil
    Great pics as usual.
    I have been a bit inactive recently on the blog front but have now started again. Having said that I always read all the blogs that I had signed up to follow including yours.
    However, having seen these great pics it occurred to me if it is possible to ‘Right-Click’ your pic and download. So I tried it on the first photo. I downloaded it in PSCC, it’s size was something 300ppi and 2″ x 1″. So I upsized using % in PS and and got it up to really very nice usable size pic. You will be pleased to know that I have now deleted the pic. But my reason for this is to say to you, or to ask you, whether there is anything we can do as photographers, to stop nefarious users download and stealing our work.
    Please feel free to go to my blog and see if you can do likewise and let me know your thoughts.


    • Hey Mark, Thanks for stopping by and checking out the photos. I knew it was possible to right click and save any of my posted photo and I also know plenty of folks do it too. I have found images of mine in all sorts of places all over the world. If I do a reverse image search on some photos it returns pages of results. There is not a whole you can do about it, because once you put it out there anyone can grab it. In most cases I don’t mind because 99 times out of 100 they give me photo credit and often link back to the blog.
      Plus I only post small image files, jpegs around 1200 on the long side which usually only makes a 200-300kb file. Those don’t have much commercial viability for sales so I don’t worry.
      Right now a site in Taiwan ETtoday snatched this photo story here:
      A news agency in the UK picked up that series and those photos are now all over the world but this site didn’t pay for them but they gave me credit and linked back to my blog and since yesterday I am getting over 7,000 hits a day from there.
      Guess a lot of people look at it.
      See ya,

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