Brightening Up A Grey Day

Yesterday evening was cloudy with grey skies and light rain. Mostly a gloomy sort of day all around.

But at one point I looked across the marsh and saw a familiar face, uh I mean bill, arriving on the scene.

I couldn’t mistake those bright pink wings and I got a great look at them when the spoonie turned and banked hard to the right.

All it took was one lone spoonbill to show up all by himself and instantly the day was much brighter!

Spoonbill Against Grey Sky

Spoonbill Against Grey Sky

21 thoughts on “Brightening Up A Grey Day

    • Oh absolutely. I spot a spoonie coming in and the egrets, ibis, herons, storks, pelicans, ospreys and alligators all get shoved to the side. Right now a bald eagle would trump a spoonbill but only because I currently get more spoonie ops then eagle ops.
      Yup, a pink bird still manages to look bright even on a dark, cloudy day.

    • Thank you for checking these out and glad you like seeing the spoonies! I always try to get out to take some photos but it’s a real bonus to have one of these guys come swooping in!

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