I’ve Been Missing The Minks…

It’s been a while since I have seen any minks scampering around the rocks along the marsh. So I thought it might be a good day to bring out some never before seen file shots of a couple of our cute little furry friends!

Mink Along the Marsh

Mink Along the Marsh

Mink Along the Marsh


39 thoughts on “I’ve Been Missing The Minks…

  1. They certainly have no fear, which is what makes them such largescale killers of wildlife, unfortunately. The greenkeepers on the golfcourse where Kevin plays, saw the fish population shrinking and set a trap for mink. Turns out the “mink” were otters! Wonderful to watch them around the place!

    • The mink, otters, and cormorants will really do a job on fish in a small lake. But so it goes in nature I suppose.
      I know people with back yard ornamental fish ponds that get regular visits from the great blue heron. They are not as easy to chase away as you might think.

  2. These little guys are the cutest ever. Wonder if they’d get along with our cats! πŸ™‚ You just want to pick one up and cuddle it.!

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