Pelican Up A Tree

Earlier this weekend, I was quite surprised to realize that a bird I saw flapping around on the top of a tree turned out to be a brown pelican.

This time of year we routinely see wood storks, egrets and herons perched in trees but never a pelican who is more likely to be seen resting while floating along in the water. These are very large birds so I was even more shocked that it was able to find a secure branch that high up that would support it’s weight.

After moving around and apparently finding a comfortable position, the pelican settled down for a pleasant late evening nap.

Pelican Up A Tree

Pelican Up A Tree

Pelican Up A Tree

14 thoughts on “Pelican Up A Tree

  1. That is a large guy. He must be a bit lighter than he looks. He blends right in with the tree. Love how he is content and resting.

  2. That must take some doing and I lovely the satisfied, comfortable look in the last shot! We saw white pelicans in trees along the Swan river in Perth, Australia, and I was amazed such big birds could roost like that!

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