One Lone Spoonbill

For about the past two weeks, all we have had in the marsh area is this one lone spoonie all by his lonesome. All his friends have left, so at this point we figure our remaining pink visitor will either leave soon as well, or some of his friends may return. That second option is what we are hoping for, especially since we had two or three stay until mid November last year.

For now at least I was happy to have had the opportunity on a recent afternoon to spend about an hour with our pink loner.

Spoonbill Feeding in the Marsh Pond

Spoonbill Feeding in the Marsh Pond

Spoonbill Feeding in the Marsh Pond

Spoonbill Feeding in the Marsh Pond

18 thoughts on “One Lone Spoonbill

    • He had just been walking around feeding and stopping to preen but not doing much else so I yelled at him and said he should at least put his wings up once for me. That’s when I got that third shot. Not exactly what I wanted but at least I got something out of it. It was quality time though. 🙂

    • Back in early Aug. when we had a larger group in, there seemed to be one that often stayed by himself and not with the group. We speculate that this is the same one and for whatever reason just likes being alone. He is not at all hurt, he appears in fine shape.

  1. The are so beautiful, where do they go?? Further South I would suppose….I never saw them in Florida, unfortunately, I wonder if they even go further…like the islands or S. America…Again, beautiful picture. Thanks

    • They do go to Florida and the Gulf Coast area. I have a friend in the Caribbean who says he has never seen one there.
      Thanks for checking these out and glad you liked seeing our pink visitor.

  2. I felt a pang of sadness when I read it’s getting close to the spoon bills’ time to go! Just want to reach out and hug that guy in the last shot! Irrational, I know! 🙂 I bet you guys are going to miss the pink! Let’s hope a few friends return for a bit. Great shots!

    • Oh I feel like picking him up and giving him a big mooshing like I would my fat kitty! But… I yelled at him last night because he wasn’t providing any action opportunities, he actually had the nerve to stop and take a nap while I was waiting to get pictures. Good that he is still around though and he knows I’ll still love the big pink goof. 🙂

  3. They are so beautiful, aren’t they?! We just had an influx of about 15 Roseate Spoonbills in our wetlands, and everyone’s thrilled that they’re back. Now, if only they would venture a little closer so we can get some really nice close-ups like yours!

    • Oh wow! That’s great news that you had a nice big group show up, I love hearing that! I hope you get some terrific close up shots, but we do the best we can with what we are given. So it goes in nature. But they are a real treat to see aren’t they?!?

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