Abrupt Departure

A white ibis jumps off from the salt marsh this afternoon at low tide. Clearly he needed to be someplace else and fast!

Ibis Jump Off

Ibis Jump Off

16 thoughts on “Abrupt Departure

    • There were several ibis out there feeding and at one point they all stopped at once and looked up. I knew why, the eagle was out but not looking at them it was chasing an osprey for it’s fish. Too far and high up for good pics but cool to see.
      I was watching this one ibis because I thought he looked like he was about to leave.

    • All his friends had started leaving and he did not want to be left behind. Oh, and there was an eagle circling nearby, that often gets some of the birds upset enough to leave the area. 🙂

  1. He looks like “Hey where did everyone go? Wait for me…and trying to fly to catch up with them…..he looks like hes hurry up time to catch up….

  2. As goofy as he looks, the grace in these birds is amazing. His expressions looks like he sould be yapping, too! Wonder if he knows how his face and bill coordinate with his legs!

    • That long curved bill sure makes them look more then a little goofy. But if you watch them for a little while you can see how perfectly they use the long curved shape to find stuff hidden in the marsh mud.
      They are quite nice flyers too.
      About the most I ever hear from these birds are some low grunts, which similar to the spoonbills. They don’t usually have much to say.

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