Spoonbill: Early Evening and Late Evening

Earlier this weekend our one lone remaining spoonbill was out in the marsh going about his business in the usual manner.

Although we have only seen the one in about three weeks now, this spoonie seems quite content with the area. He pals around with the wood storks, gets plenty to eat, and does not seem to miss any of his pink friends.

At one point I was watching him chasing down fish until it got to be late and the sun started to go down. As the setting sunlight cast a golden glow on the water, I took this silhouette photo of our pink visitor with the distinctive spatula shaped bill.

Spoonbill Evening in the Marsh Pond

Spoonbill Evening in the Marsh Pond

22 thoughts on “Spoonbill: Early Evening and Late Evening

  1. These are absolutely beautiful, Phil! The first, with that fantastic reflection and the evening light is so lovely! The second is something else, the silhouette against the molten gold – just glorious! Reminiscent of your swan silhouette! Lucy still has her swan card on her mantelpiece!

  2. The lone big pink guy. Love these colors. Silhouette really shows his bill well! Glad he’s got some wood stork buddies — and at least he’s not Mr. Biting Spoonbill!

    • Not only us this not the aggressive biting spoonie from last year, this guy is so casual and laud back it’s ridiculous.
      I think if I could drive my car over by him and open the back door and invite him out for an all you can eat shrimp buffet he would jump on it in a heartbeat! 🙂

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