“What Are You Smiling At?!”

Earlier this weekend just as it was getting dark, this alligator did a slow float over to check me out before heading off for the night.

As he paused right beneath my location I saw that cute grin on his face. But in reality, I knew what the little sneak was up to.

If he sits there quietly for a bit with the lower part of his mouth open under the water, it’s possible a fish might swim right in and provide an opportunity for a little late night snack before turning in.

Not that I can blame him. Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty snack before bedtime?!  🙂

Alligator Smiling

Alligator Smiling

22 thoughts on ““What Are You Smiling At?!”

    • He is a pretty cool little dude and I believe he is the same one that went gliding through the group of wood storks from my post a few days back. Looks like he gets along well with everybody out there. Well… not to hear the fish tell it… 🙂

    • Oh he absolutely employs the ‘Lazy Boy’ method of fishing. Although I did seem him slosh around a bit trying to get things stirred up, he is more then happy to relax and let dinner come to him. 🙂

    • Oh he is plenty cute all right! I did see him grab something, but as it got darker I left him alone to decide if he wanted to make another pass at the buffet or head in for bed. 🙂

    • It is worth trying. But lately it seems about the only thing that’s going to find it’s way into my open mouth is a mosquito. They have been brutal here the past month or so, worse then in summer for some reason.

  1. This is one alligator I think who is really smart, and and probably is the same one who glides by all the others sharing the marsh, he just sits there and waits for the fish to glide right in his mouth, he doesnt need to do anything except sit by and get his treats…why bother anyone else, I like that….

    • Amazingly, this method seems to work more then we might think. I have many times seen alligators laying there like that and you don’t even think they are awake. Then suddenly there is a big snatch and splash and you know he got something. Sneaky guys.

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