In Stealth Mode

Normally when I see great blue herons fishing, they just wade right out into the water completely in the open. But when I saw this bird suddenly pop his head up out  of the reeds in the salt marsh, I suspected he may have devised a new plan. Sure enough, he decided to go into full stealth mode.

The heron tiptoed his way slowly and carefully through the reeds stalking his prey like a sneaky predator. (anyone else come to mind when reading this description?) He tried one way, then reversed direction and tried the other way. Unfortunately this method did not appear to be a huge success, I never saw him catch any fish.

But I do have to give him credit for trying a new technique. Who knows? Maybe next time it will work perfectly!

GBH in Stealth Mode

GBH in Stealth Mode

GBH in Stealth Mode

GBH in Stealth Mode

GBH in Stealth Mode

26 thoughts on “In Stealth Mode

  1. Phil, this is one of my favorites of your photo series. I love the intent and tenacity you captured in the photographs of this great blue heron. I could take a few lessons in “stealth mode” from this fella! Unfortunately technique isn’t the biggest part of the capture… it’s patience! At least that has been my faux pas!

    • These birds can be quite smart, but they can also seem a bit confused at times. We have seen some stand there with fish bumping into their legs and they appear perplexed about how to catch them.

    • I was thinking ninja too! Funny! I almost gave these photos that title. It’s comical to see one of these big guys sneak around and probably forgetting how easy they can be to spot.

  2. Interesting sequence, Phil. I’ve seen reddish egrets doing the back and forth stealth tactic on the edges of mangroves. No, I didn’t see it work for them either but then they had all day and I had fishing to do! RH

    • The reddish are fun to watch when they put up their wings and do that rapid motion dance routine. Sometimes these snowys and the tricolors will use similar techniques. Thanks much for looking.

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