Seafood Dinner: Appetizers…Then The Main Course

I was watching this snowy egret enjoying the seafood buffet in the salt marsh a while back.

First he ordered up appetizers: A nice fresh shrimp, a crunchy little crab, then a tasty minnow.

Finally the main course arrived, the catch of the day prepared just how he likes it, fresh out of the water.

You could tell he was quite excited with his meal too, as he got all fluffed up when it was served!

Snowy Egret Seafood Dinner

Snowy Egret Seafood Dinner

Snowy Egret Seafood Dinner

Snowy Egret Seafood Dinner

17 thoughts on “Seafood Dinner: Appetizers…Then The Main Course

  1. I always enjoy your sequences Phil however it is the individual shots that standout for me and the last shot complete with catch – the egret perfectly contrasted against the water and the eye clearly focussed on dinner

  2. Nice shots! What kind of fish (it looks big) is caught here? Does she really swallow that whole unlucky thing wriggling all the way as well?!

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