The Evening Meal

Yesterday I showed an egret having a light breakfast. Well perhaps he was saving room for dinner.

This looks like a much more substantial meal that should fill him up nicely!  🙂

Egret Catches Big Fish

31 thoughts on “The Evening Meal

  1. Great catch all around! 🙂 But I’m looking at the size of the egret’s body and at the size of the fish, and I’m thinking it’s going to do more than just fill him up, LOL!

    • It never fails to amaze me the size of fish these birds will catch and eat. There are times when the bird will think about it and decide to drop the fish and walk away, but mostly they get it down.

  2. Great meal and great picture!!!! He is eating the best food in the world….would love to have dinner with him….Great Shot! Thanks Phil

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