“Get Out Of Our Neighborhood!!”

Yesterday afternoon I saw a bald eagle come swooping in across the marsh in a hurry. Out of the corner of my lens I quickly saw why. That eagle was being chased off by another eagle!

We have a mated pair that have been hanging around the marsh area for a while now and we suspect this was an uninvited and unwanted male eagle being chased away by one member of the resident pair.

Once again they flew so close I couldn’t fit all of them in my lens until finally when the trespasser turned and flew off with a dejected look on his face.

Eagle Gets Chased Away

Eagle Gets Chased Away

Eagle Gets Chased Away

Eagle Gets Chased Away

24 thoughts on ““Get Out Of Our Neighborhood!!”

    • They can have a bit of an attitude when someone cruises into their turf. But of course they never seem to feel bad about stealing a fish from some other bird that came about it honestly. 🙂
      Thanks for looking Sylvia!

    • Thanks glad you like the eagles. I hesitate to complain about birds getting too close when so often they are not close enough. For instance today I saw a beautiful Merlin hawk in a tree but too far away. Things could be worse I suppose. 🙂

  1. Not a bird one would like to antagonise! (Unless one was another eagle, I suppose!) Terrific pictures, Phil! You are so lucky to see a Merlin – a very elusive little hunter.

    • Normally the eagles sit around all day and wait for someone else to catch dinner but this guy did not like uninvited visitors.
      That merlin was a very pretty bird. It was in a far off tree and all I could manage was a doc shot but nice seeing it.

    • Well it seems like the occasional pair we have been seeing for the past two years might just have decided that this is the year they stake their claim. We are hoping they start a family as we look forward to eagle hunting action followed hopefully by a fledgling youngster by early summer.

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