Woody’s Evening Snack

Last night our pal Woody snagged himself a fish out of the salt marsh. He walked around for a bit trying to get control of the yummy treat but he got it down fine. A few of his friends were nearby and jealous over the tasty snack, but too bad…they have to get their own!

Woodys Evening Snack

Woodys Evening Snack

23 thoughts on “Woody’s Evening Snack

    • If it was one of us out there ole Woody would catch something first I bet. I have to remind myself how good these birds can be whenever I’m about to complain that a bird has not caught a fish yet. 🙂

    • Ha! I knew it! This is how sneaky I can be. First it’s alligators, then it’s wood storks. Eventually I make the unlovable, lovable. Well maybe lovable is a bit too strong… 🙂

  1. What a catch, and what a meal! Wood storks may not be lovely at first glance, but they impress me as acting dignified somehow.

  2. I haven’t seen a wood stork before, even I didn’t know too. This is amazing bird. Especially with its neck. Seems like a jewelry on its neck… But of course as always you captured amazing pose… Thank you dear Phil, love, nia

    • You would thing that being such large birds they would eat big fish more often but I mostly just see them catching and eating tiny shrimp and fish. Lots of them though I guess. 🙂

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