Sunset Flight

Earlier this week, a brown pelican flies above the tree tops silhouetted by warm setting sunlight.

Pelican Sunset Silhouette

22 thoughts on “Sunset Flight

    • I was hoping I might get an alligator floating by because the water was the same color as the sky only more sparkly. 🙂 But most of our gators are done for the season. Always nice to see the birds though.

  1. And here I thot it was a black pelican – yes terrible joke but couldn’t resist since you seem to have so many species there.

    Fantastic shot. I like that you can even see orange in his beak.

    • Often at that time of day, everything out there is back lit so pretty much all the birds are black birds. I bet lots of photographers come back with quite a few (unintentional) silhouettes.
      Thanks for the heads up on my comment to Dina. As you know, I have eagles on the brain tonight based on current developments. Now if I would have thanked her for commenting on the “penguin” silhouette, that would have made perfect sense. 🙂

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